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Service of Process

We serve all of the following types of legal documents and serve process throughout the Bay Area, state of California, and Nationwide.

After service is complete, we will mail an original proof of service to you which you MUST file with the court – we can file documents with the court on your behalf for an additional fee in addition to service fees.

Civil Litigation

  • Subpoenas
  • Summons & Complaint
  • Order to Appear for examination
  • Plaintiff’s Claim and order to go to Small Claims Court
  • Restraining Orders

Judgment Collections

  • Bank Levies
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Third party Levies

Family Law

  • Summons & Petition (Divorce)
  • Order to show cause
  • Request for Order
  • Child Support & Custody
  • Restraining Orders


  • Unlawful Detainers
  • 3, 30, and 60 day notices

Routine Service:

Routine service includes at least 3 attempts and is usually attempted within 72 hours. Please allow 5 – 10 business days for routine service within routine service areas. Proof of Service (generated by our own court-approved software program) and all other subsequent form generation is included. Sub-service mailing is also included.

Pricing/Payment Policy:

Rates are per address and per defendant. For 2 defendants at the same address, second serve will be discounted. Pre-payment is required for any and all work performed.

  • Bad Address - Original service fee.
  • Address Locate while in the Field - Additional $45-$75, depending on difficulty.
  • Check charge for advance of witness fees - 15% of fees advanced/$10.00 minimum..
  • Difficult/High Risk Service - Starting at $150.00
  • Rush Service - Starting at additional $60.00. Served or attempted within 48-72 hours of receipt.
  • Same Day Rush Service - Starting at additional $75.00 Same day rush service is available if received by 12:00pm PT and is within our routine service area. For remote areas, please call and additional fees may be charged.
  • Stake-Out Service - Starting at $125.00 per hour with 3 hour minimum. Must be arranged in advance.
  • Wait Time - Starting at $50.00 per 30 minutes.
  • Late Night/Early Morning Service - Starting at additional $100.00. For service between 12am -7am.

Private Investigations

Private Investigations can provide assistance in many legal causes of action along with locating witnesses and defendants that can't be found. Investigations range in inquiry, are performed on a case by case basis, and are able to accomplish a number of objectives.


  • Background Checks
  • Locating missing persons or defendants
  • Surveillance of Persons and Property
  • Along with many indiscriminate investigations within our legal limit.

Pricing/Payment Policy:

Pricing can vary, but investigations start at $275.00. Surveillance starts at $135 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.

Please contact us for more details and a more descriptive quote.

Court Filing & Document Retrieval

Gotcha Legal Services provides court filing and document retrieval services in the greater Bay Area and throughout the state of California.

At Gotcha Legal Services we are intimately familiar with the court system and with courthouses themselves. Our familiarity lends itself to successfully navigating the convoluted filing systems for courts.

If you are looking to file or acquire court documents in a timely manner and without the hassle, then leave it to the trusted professionals at Gotcha Legal Services for assistance.

Pricing/Payment Policy:

Please call for a quote.


Gotcha Legal Services provides eviction services that range from unlawful detainers to full service eviction process. Each scenario is different so please contact us for further information and so that we can learn about the situation.

Eviction Services:

  • Eviction/Unlawful Detainers (San Mateo, Marin, Sonoma Counties only)
  • 3-Day, 30-Day and 60-Day Notice Service
  • Unlawful Detainer Service

Full service eviction process available, call for more information.

Pricing/Payment Policy:

Please call for a quote.

Judgment Collections

We want to help you collect on your judgment and unlike a collection agency, we do not take a percentage of your collection.

Bank Levies/3rd Party Levies

We will assist in preparation of all necessary paperwork, deliver documents to the sheriff, open the file, then proceed to serve the financial institution/bank. The bank will then freeze the account for the amount of your judgment (if the funds are available).

Our service fees may be added to your judgment, and may be recovered in addition to your judgement.

The sheriff will contact you directly to discuss what money was recovered. You must wait 30 days before the sheriff will release the money over to you.

For a bank levy, please provide:

  • Check to the Sheriff for $40
  • Letter of instruction to the sheriff
  • Original writ of execution and 3 copies

Wage Garnishment

We will assist in the preparation of all necessary paperwork, deliver documents to the sheriff and open the file, then proceed to serve the employer of the judgment debtor. The employer processes the garnishment and responds directly to the sheriff. The sheriff will contact you directly to discuss what money was recovered. You must wait 30 days before the sheriff will release the money over to you.

  • Our service fees may be added to your judgment and may be recovered in addition to your judgement,
  • The sheriff will contact you directly to discuss what money was recovered. You must wait 30 days before the sheriff will release the money over to you.

For a wage garnishment, please provide:

  • Check to the Sheriff for $35
  • Original writ of execution and 3 copies
  • Original Application for Earnings Withholding Order

Pricing/Payment Policy:

  • Bank & 3rd Party Levies - Please call for quote.
  • Wage Garnishments - Please call for quote.


San Mateo, CA Office

(650) 577-1860

135 W. 25th Ave, #6695
San Mateo, CA 94403

Gotcha Legal Services offers process service in San Mateo, California and across the nation. To make things easier for you, hire Gotcha Legal Services. You won’t have to worry about the paperwork and we’re ready to handle your work.

Please note that all regular mail should be sent to the following address. Please call for our overnight or drop-off address.

San Francisco, CA Office

(415) 357-9625

601 Van Ness Avenue E-101
San Francisco, CA 94102

Gotcha Legal Services is your go-to San Francisco process server. You can trust in Gotcha Legal because we understand process service and serve process accurately and efficiently.

Gotcha Legal Services process servers will exceed client expectations because we have the education and training to do so. Please trust in us for all your serve process and legal needs.

San Jose, CA Office

(408) 227-7647

88 S. 3rd Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Gotcha Legal Services specializes in service of process and a collection of legal needs. Located in San Jose, California, our process servers are willing and able to accomplish service on all persons and entities.

Redwood City, CA Office

(650) 577-1860

570 El Camino Real #150-302
Redwood City, CA 94063

If you are looking for a process server in the Redwood City area, Gotcha Legal Services is here to help you on your mission for justice.

If you need to serve process within the peninsula or Silicon Valley, contact Gotcha Legal Services for any of these services and more. Our knowledgeable and experienced specialists are here to assist you with all of your legal needs.

Cotati, CA Office

(707) 321-6077

P.O. Box 271
Cotati, CA 94931

Looking for legal assistance in the North Bay area? Our North Bay location in Cotati offers all the legal assistance you need. You are in good hands with our incredibly knowledgeable and experienced staff.

If you are located in the Marin, Napa, Solano, or Sonoma County, contact Gotcha Legal Services for all of your legal needs. We look forward to working with you soon!

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 6695
San Mateo, CA 94403

North Bay Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 271
Cotati, CA 94931

Overnight Mailing Address:

Please call us at (707) 321-6077 for overnight address information if need be.

About Us

Gotcha Legal Services has been serving our clients with legal support since 1990. We provide service of process throughout the entire Bay Area, the State of California, and nationwide through our hand-picked, trusted network of affiliates. Kraig Vorsatz, C.C.P.S. (Certified California Process Server), owner of Gotcha Legal Services, has more than 30 years experience in the profession and offers unique expertise in all areas of process service.

Our clients appreciate our exceptional service, competitive rates and most importantly, RESULTS provided quickly and correctly. We take great pride in completing jobs where others have failed. We employ only the most dependable, experienced and professional process servers who understand the importance of what we do, how to get jobs done and which ultimately affect the outcome of your case. We are certified, licensed, bonded, registered and worthy of your trust. We have the knowledge, competence and good faith judgment along with a “can do” attitude necessary to serve even the most evasive defendants.

Protecting and serving is why we are here; it is what we do – We are on a mission for justice! We invite you to test our track record of outstanding service.
-Kraig Vorsatz, President and CEO

Gotcha Legal Services utilizes the industry’s most advanced technology to expedite the receipt of your documents into our offices. It is a one-step process from your hands to ours. Once we receive your documents, your worries are over and we will take care of the rest..

We have used Gotcha Legal Services for over six (6) years and have always been satisfied with their services. Kraig always goes over and beyond basic service procedures when necessary. We are happy to have a process server we can rely on to get the job done successfully and efficiently.
- Sweet & Walker, P.C.
Gotcha Legal Services has truly "got us" with their wonderful services over the past four years. Gotcha is a full-service operation for all of our many legal needs. They are dedicated, diligent, dependable, and constantly strive to put their clients' first. I highly recommend Gotcha as a number one provider in the legal arena for process serving and of course the "plethora" of their many other services they do provide.
- Kim Ratto, Legal Secretary McGlashan & Sarrail
I have used Gotcha Legal Services several times, and Kraig never fails. I had one subpoena that the Sheriff's Department and one other service tried to serve and never got it done (and they charged me!). I called Gotcha, faxed over the information and the next day the party was served, the paperwork was sent into the court and I was ready to go to court. Every time I need them they exceed my expectations. If you are looking for a server, look no farther Gotcha is the place to call!
- Yelp Review
Gotcha Legal Services has done an outstanding job in getting the job done! I am continually impressed with their professional experience and timeliness in completing the job. I've used other process servers in the past and there was always an issue regarding completion of service. My company has been using Gotcha Legal for quite some time and since then; each and every job has not only been completed but some within 2 hours of them receiving the paperwork!! Every job, no matter how big or how small, is always a top priority in their book. They're expedient, efficient and exceptional!! I've called them on numerous occasions on weekends and at night, and someone always answers to take my call. They do as they say and I've never been disappointed!! Thanks very much Kraig!!
- Yelp Review

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